What can Make your Acne Worse

I’m tired of seeing articles on how to treat acne and how to take care of your skin when you have acne. I know that these articles present a valuable information for acne victims. However, it is also important to know what can make your acne worse. There is no use doing all the right things if you are also doing all the things that can make your acne worse. You may be able to clear your acne, but if you keep doing that things that can make it worse, you may find yourself trapped in the acne cycle. This article will talk about the different things that can make your acne worse.

Popping and Squeezing your Pimples

A lot of people know that squeezing your pimples will only cause more damage to your skin. However, some people believe that doing so can help you relieve the pressure in your pores and that squeezing can eventually open up your pores. When you squeeze your zits, you push the acne bacteria deeper into your skin. This will cause skin indentation and later on acne scars. I know it’s tempting but if you find yourself, just think of the horror when you have deep acne scars that can last for a lifetime. This site offers some valuable tips on how to prevent acne scars.

Washing your Face more than Twice a Day

It is recommended that you wash your face twice a day before you go to bed and after you wake up. This task is very simple and overdoing this can make your acne worse. Oils that are produced in your sebaceous glands have a purpose, and that is to preserve the moisture of your skin and push the dirt out of your pores. If you strip the natural oils of your skin by over washing your face, your body will signal your sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Excess oil will get trapped inside your pores and viola, you have a new set of pimples to treat.

Using more than what is Required

Acne treatments are designed to fight acne but most of these treatments do not only get rid of the acne causing bacteria. During the process of eliminating the bacteria that causes acne, these treatments also destroy healthy skin cells. Your first line of defense, your skin, is already breached because of acne. The last thing that you would want to do is to use chemical compounds that can cause more damage to your skin.

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